Hey, I need some help creating good graphics for the game server. If you are good at graphics and interested in the new game server please send me some drafts. You may also send some ideas for the tables frame which i didn't mention. Would be nice if several people send me some nice pictures so that we could upload them and vote. :) Below I will try to explain what I need.

Under the text you can see two pictures. The first shows the plan for the main window. The second is actually a screenshot of the current version of the zolu game server.
I am interested to remake the tables frame and thats what I need help for.

It should look decently on most resolutions between 1920x1200 and 800x600. In the second picture you can see tables frame having 3 rows with 3 tables (= 9 sections). The program is already able to arrange the tables so that you only need to scroll down. If we have 24 tables and one section (table + chairs) need arround 200 pixels width and the tables frame only has arround 500 pixels it will have 2 colums of 12 rows of tables and will actually center the two sections in the rows. I am not sure how much space I will need for the userlist. I think in a window of 800x600 we should not use more than 500x400 for the tables frames. So if one section has 250x200 we would have 2 columns and 2 rows displayed. That might be just ok for 800x600 because that resolution should be rare enough anyway. 1024x786 is rather the standard we should work with. The current sections are 200x120 and they seem to be ok on 1920x1200 but I haven't really tested on low resolutions. Feel free to choose any size of the sections you want as long as you keep in mind the resolution stuff.
Maybe you think it's better to have two (three?) different sizes of the tables (+chairs + avatars). I'm fine with it and certainly could refactor the program to work with two different sizes (as done before with board sizes). But then I would like to get the files in the different sizes.

In the second picture you can see 3 names in each section. The two player names and the host's name. Maybe I should not let someone be host without sitting. In that case the host could be marked just by underlining the player or similiar. But I am not sure it's a good idea. So it would be good to have a nice way to see the host's name in each section without being too irritating (so make it better than I did please).

I very much like to have several avatars. Therefor we need a way to either make many avatars ourselve or we need a way to let others be able to create new ones. A Photoshop file of the chairs (+table?) would be a start. But if chairs are too realistic it might be hard to find people that are able to create new avatars that actually look good on the chairs. A good example for what I mean you can see on my current version (picture 2). The chairs look pretty good and I'm glad someone sent me these pics. But the avatar I made for it does not really fit in that beautiful picture. If you make chairs like that it could be good to work on different layers so that the avatar could be on a layer inbetween (armrest being "above" the avatar). So please send me at least 2-3 avatars that fit into the picture. :)

The table number should be displayed in each section.

It should be easy to see if a game is running or not. Currently the table has a board or has not to show this. It could also be a full board or an empty board. Maybe you come up with other nice ideas.

How to display a private table? Maybe a key or a lock?

How to display an unclickable chair? For example if the table is protected, only invited players can click a chair.

Somewhere in each section should be some icon on which the user could click (or mouse hoover) to see which users are already watching the game.

Please use fonts that are usually available in most systems so that i can use them in the java application without installing new fonts.

I would like to have different backgrounds or maybe just different background colors. Usefull for different atmospheres. e.g. "Tournament is in the blue tourney room". Maybe this feature is rather bad for your suggestion, so drop it. It's just an idea that could be nice.

A lamp above each table could look nice, or? Maybe that's an idea for displaying an empty table or full table by switching it on or off.

main room design
main room design

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